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Despite Surprising Interview, Richard Sherman is the Face of the Super Bowl

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Talk of the world, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, is still the face of the Super Bowl and won’t be going away, whether you love him or hate him after his outburst.

After the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West championship game on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers by 23-17, Sherman displayed what many believed to be as “poor behavior.” Others didn’t care too much about it.

Fox sports reporter, Erin Andrews interviewed Sherman and asked, “Richard, let me ask you about the final play. Take me through it.”

Instead, he was set off by the last play with wide receiver, Michael Crabtree of the 49ers and also angrily yelled,  “I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me.”

Sherman is known as the second-biggest NFL star behind Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

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Property Theft in the City of Seattle

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Among many discussed thefts is property theft in Seattle.  This can include trespassing, burglary, robbery, theft, and home invasion robbery.

Reporting crimes such as these listed above, make a difference with what is said to police over the phone when calling 9-1-1. Defining some of the words, can be key to the calls made in case any of this happens in a person’s lifetime.

Trespassing is defined by most often when someone comes and intrudes in another person’s private property without permission. This most commonly happens at nighttime. If they are asked to leave and don’t, this is a form of trespassing and should be reported immediately. Police arrest people for trespassing like this.

In other terms, burglary is known as someone taking something and not paying for it, most known in stores. From thrift shops, to grocery stores, it’s not limited.

The best known is theft, which is when property is taken. This is a well-known factor in the city of Seattle as there have been many cases of break-ins in homes and dealing with stealing valuables. Police deal the most with this.

Robbery is known as taking something with implied force. Trying to harm someone in the process is usually a common factor when committing a robbery crime.

Home invasion robbery is probably one of the worst cases to ever experience. It is the scariest forms when it comes to property theft. Any belongings can be stolen from the home and people inside the home can be injured or hurt in any way. Sometimes, they don’t even know that it’s happening.

Make sure to watch out if any of these types of property thefts happen and be sure to call the police using the correct term.

Auto Theft- The City of Seattle

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Auto theft is one of the biggest crimes in Seattle. However, Seattle has a good overturn for finding cars and giving them back to their owners.

In fact, not too long ago, the city of Tacoma right behind the Tacoma dome recovered 21 stolen cars and their owners were able to come back and get them. Some of the cars didn’t even have damage to them while others did and had a ripped steering wheel. One of the police officers present said that they recover vehicles almost every month.

There are ways to prevent auto theft from happening. Leaving car keys in the car is not a good thing to do as well as even having a “hidden” spare key in the car, according to the Seattle Police Department auto theft page.

The sad part is, when people do this, most of them think, “Oh this will never happen to me.” When in turn, most times, it does.

Leaving the car unoccupied for just one minute can result in someone steeling the car. Not only that, but it is illegal to leave the car running and unattended. Bring the keys.

According to statistics on the Seattle department’s home page, “More than two-thirds of auto thefts, happen at nighttime,” but thankfully, “86 percent of stolen vehicles are recovered.”

One thing to keep in mind in case a car is recovered—-check it thoroughly. Turn it over to police if there is anything unusual. The last thing a person would want by getting their car back is not checking and there to be drugs plastered under the seats and getting arrested for it.

Be aware of surroundings and situations.



The City of Seattle: Being Safe

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The dark of the night, the eerie whistle of the wind and the crunching of leaves beneath the shoes of a worker on their way to their car at night.

This is an excellent moment for a criminal to attack with a weapon and cause harm to a victim, or even to rob a person and steal their very own money.

There are a few safety tips for nighttime that can be avoided at all costs.

Since crime likes to happen a lot at nighttime, according to the Wisconsin State Journal, they provide some quick but good safety tips on how to be safe in a city at nighttime.

Don’t walk the streets at night or jog when it’s dark outside as a solo person. Be in groups. Of course, sometimes, walking at night cannot be avoided and sometimes people will be alone. Always have a phone available and make sure the keys are out. In case of an unfriendly approach or attack, keys can be used for self-defense.

It’s important to be aware of the surroundings such as carrying a cellphone at all times, avoiding alleys, situational awareness, and trusting the senses.

This is especially important for women—women should never walk alone at nighttime. They are prime targets of sexual assaults involving rape. Be in a group of people. Groups of people are less of a target. Even walking with one other person can still give a chance for a criminal to attack. Make sure that it’s at least three or four people. The more, the better.

Know the city. Study it and learn it. Understand that no matter what town a person is visiting, it is not safe, even if it is high in religion.



Looking Out for Fugitives in Seattle

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The media is a prominent influence with capturing criminals.  It helps shapes and looks for those criminals who are hiding in ways that one cannot even find.

One of the best crime reality shows, that’s not only fun and quirky but gets down to the real deal and has the main theme of, “Watch out for this criminal” and makes real captures is Washington’s Most Wanted. This airs on Q13 FOX in Seattle, Washington.

The show gives their fugitives some of the most clever and catchiest names, letting the viewers remember who the people are. From, “Plaid Pantry Perp” to “High  Violent Drug duo in Love,” the website offers detailed descriptions of fugitives and who to call, leaving the viewer not only informed but also prepared in case of seeing any of these fugitives out in public.

The show is led by host and executive producer, David Rose who has worked with capturing more than 330 fugitives.

The show also consists of former police officer, Parella Lewis, who is a strong crime reporter of Washington’s Most Wanted and takes people behind the scenes of police work and even looking at how cops come to perform drug and alcohol tests. She is thorough in her work.

Currently and up-to-date, Washington’s Most Wanted just celebrated their 400th capture just in April of 2013.

The show has been going on since 2008, making it the fifth year that it has been running. It’s only over the weekends.

Lewis says, “To know that we are working to make our community safer is what gives my job meaning.”


Dumb Criminals in the Seattle Area

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Ever seen dumb crimes happening in big or small cities? It happens just about anywhere.

But it’s not enough to just see pictures. Though pictures make people laugh all the time, it’s even better when there is a description of a story.

It’s bad enough when a criminal steals a bike from an owner but even worse, when the criminal tries to sell the bike back to it’s very own, owner without realizing it.

According to the Seattle Police Department and the Seattle Weekly News, one criminal matched a perfect description and was at the center of humorous events, which eventually led to her arrest.

The police said that a woman was trying to entice a buyer into buying a bike that was, “Rare and custom built.” The biggest issue with this—she didn’t do her research.

This bike was stolen and the bike shop owner she dialed in order to try and sell this bike to was, the actual guy who made the bike. He even knew how much the value was which matched $6,500.

The bike shop owner realized this and was smart enough to tell the woman that he would be a potential buyer. He proceeded to get her information by copying down her phone number. He quickly told police about it and set up a plan for her arrest.

The bike shop owner and the woman set up a time and date to meet. Police were hidden on the scene and ready to arrest the woman.

If crimes are going down, the suspect should think out the process more instead. Who knows? They may end up on Washington’s Most Wanted list too, with their face plastered on the TV screen with their name and description, making it easier for people and police to catch them. Sometimes, criminals don’t think plans through and the crime itself winds up, being dumb.


Seattle is Safer than Most but Still Has Crime

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Picking car locks, stealing goods, breaking into houses at night. The city of Seattle in the state of Washington is known for multiple crimes and thefts in the surrounding area.

But Seattle is more known to be a city that reps flare and has a pretty low-key environment. The city doesn’t even make it on the top 100 list of most crime filled cities. In fact, for the top 100 cities to live in, Sammamish Washington, which is about 20 minutes away from Seattle, makes it at number 8 as one of the friendliest places to live.

But let’s dive into the crime of Seattle, Washington.

Over the last 14 years, the city of Seattle has been experiencing a steady decrease in crime rates, which is a result from how the Seattle Police deals with crime issues.

Crime is geographically centered and in this case, in small neighborhoods sprinkled throughout different areas in Seattle, whether it is rich areas, or poor ones.

The Seattle Police Department hot spots maps each week which targets crime areas and works with these areas more closely.

According to the Seattle Police Departments page and graph, , major crimes are categorized into murder, rapes, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny/theft and burglary theft.

Since 1988 to 2012, the city of Seattle has experienced a decline in these crimes. In 1988, there were a total of 72,694 crimes, whereas in 2012, there were 34,607. That’s 38,087 less crimes happening.

The Seattle Police is primarily focused on finding the hot spots on maps each week as to what places have been targeted. Instead of focusing solely on the offender, they try to focus on the place where the crime is happening and making it stop. They look at that rather than the actual crime, in order to protect that area and prevent it from happening again.

That’s just the nature of police work. Sometimes it’s normal looking but the police have an extra key sense as to what to look out for.

As one police officer stated from a video found on the department’s home page, “Just let the evidence show.” And that is exactly what they do.

The city is protected when it’s partnered with the community. Report crime if it is ever found. Be a part of the community and talk with police officers.

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